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Stagezy ...

... is a software program intended for authoring and displaying simple Physics and Mathematics 
samples in 3D Graphics. 

Draw In 3D
Mathematical Language Used for 3D Navigation and Geometrical Samples
Authoring Physics Samples
Package Structure

Package Structure

In Stagezy implementation we are discussing here, H(ome)Fold is a Planet where action happens.
The places where action happens are called Hills. 
Not the best name, but it is difficult to reprogram it now.
Hill's Scene placed somewhere on Planet's surface and user can navigate to this place.

All Mechanical Systems (MS) are attached to Hill 1 which is dispalyed as default when
program starts. All other Hills are intact. 
The code which is responsible to populating the Hills and the Planet is in Pop(ulation).java class.

Programmer can set fixed and initial parameters of MS in class MechanicalSystems.List.java.
Initial parameters can be modified by user from the screen.

Mathematical Language Used for 3D Navigation and Geometrical Samples
Basis transformation.
sketch2_1.gif Spherical triangles formulas and their derivation.
sketch2_2.gif Apparently angles measurement difference between Euclidean and Spherical Geometry.
sketch3_0.gif Apparently navigation through Planet's surface used in Engine.


Stagezy is licensed unger GNU, and because there are still no other authors contributed to
the program author retains additional copy to fork to own development or other relicensing.

Copyright (C) 2007-2009 Konstantin V. Kirillov.