Elance Contracts
PHP Demos


Front and back end. Interactive and gamificated posts. JavaScript animation.

    Understandingcontext.com. Site redesign and landing animation.
  • Pure JS: no third libraries, except jQuery:
  • to rotate the object, use
    mouse/finger or keyboard arrows
    to move up down: Shift + arrow-up, arrow-down
    to move closer, farther,
       Ctrl + arrow-up, arrow-down ( PC ),
       Opt on Mac.
    use drag on mobile
Community driven games
User makes custom WP-post which is a game-script.
On the fly, this script turns to a game and looks like a game wrapped into Wordpress.

Wordpress Prototypes


Construct2 gaming platform ported to ELGG.

Liteweight JavaScript libraries and plugins

PlaxBone - parallax plugin. Source. Demo. Readme.
JS Library. Beaver Tool Belt. See folder "test" for live demos

JS Tutorial

Physics in JavaScript

Diagrams. Charting tools. Numerical representations. Gauges.


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